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If you are an athlete and you play sports like football, hockey, or basketball, then safety should be amongst your top priorities. These sports in particular often leave you vulnerable and susceptible to oral, dental, and facial injuries. As such, it is important that you invest in the proper tools and equipment to ensure you are safe from injury while on the field, ice, or court. Using athletic mouthwear or mouthguards for instance, minimizes the risk of oral or facial injuries while playing more intensive sports. Here at Northwest Dentistry our dentists in PEI, led by Dr. Karen McLean, are pleased to provide custom built mouthguards to ensure you are well equipped and protected as you play your favourite sports. 

At Northwest Dentistry, we can offer you several options regarding mouthguards that are the most suitable fit for you. The first option is a stock mouthguard, which is made beforehand and designed to be ready to use. It is an inexpensive option, however it often does not fit your mouth appropriately and it can make it difficult to speak while using them. The second option are boil and bite mouthguards. Like stock mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards come pre-formed, but in a mouldable shape. As its namesake, these mouthguards require to be placed in boiling water to adjust its shape, and to be bitten into to allow the mouthguard to take shape in your mouth for a custom fit. The third and final option are custom built mouthguards, which require your dentist in PEI to take an impression of your teeth and create a mouthguard that is designed to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth. This option is most preferred by athletes because it is both comfortable and offers foremost protection.

Athletic mouthguards are not limited to professional athletes or individuals who play intensive sports like football, hockey, or basketball. If you play other sports like gymnastics, tae kwon do, skiing, or boxing to name a few, then you need athletic mouthguards as a precaution against dental or oral injuries. Visit your dentist in PEI today at Northwest Dentistry, where walk-in dental appointments are always welcome. 





Last Updated On 2020-09-19