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Thanks to the evolution of dental technology and the dental industry as a whole, there is no longer a need or requirement to use metal based fillings like dental amalgam, as the sole solution to dental or oral issues such as decayed teeth from cavities, discolouration of the teeth, or damage incurred to teeth as a result from injury. Modern tooth coloured fillings made of a durable composite resin, are now the preferred option due to its natural looking effect, and its ability to be bonded to your teeth. 

At Northwest Dentistry we can provide you with bonded fillings that will suit the aesthetic of your smile. The primary benefit of bonded fillings aside from its ability to positively alter the appearance of your smile, is the fact that the procedure for bonded fillings requires only a single dental visit to complete. In contrast to other cosmetic procedures such as porcelain dental veneers; that require a custom mould of your teeth and a laboratory to manufacture, bonded fillings can be shaped and placed on the affected tooth or teeth in a single visit. 

Bonded fillings are an ideal option for those with cracked or chipped teeth, those with gaps or spaces between their teeth, and those with discoloured teeth. At Northwest Dentistry, Dr. Karen McLean is pleased to provide bonded fillings as one of the several services we offer that is associated with cosmetic dentistry. For those that are looking to find a more natural looking alternative to repairing their damaged or discoloured teeth, can come over to Northwest Dentistry where walk-in dental appointments are always accepted. 




Last Updated On 2021-10-26