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Extractions can be required from common issues that include severely decayed teeth and heavily damaged teeth, where it is a requirement to have the affected tooth pulled from your mouth to alleviate the pain and prevent further damage. In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, a tooth extraction can be more comprehensive and complex in nature. The primary issue that an impacted wisdom tooth can pose on your dental and oral health, is that it can cause a significant amount of discomfort, inflammation, and a possibility for infection. At Northwest Dentistry we can assist you when a tooth extraction is the only viable option for your condition. 

If you require a tooth extraction for an impacted wisdom tooth, then the procedure is as follows. Our dentist will first administer a local anaesthetic to ensure a relatively painless and comfortable experience. Once numb, we will then proceed with the operation and make an incision in the gum, allowing her to locate and extract the impacted tooth. Considering that a tooth extraction is essentially comparable to surgery, ample amount of healing time is necessary to allow for a complete recovery. While impacted wisdom teeth are required to be extracted, other tooth issues such as damage and decay, only necessitates tooth extraction if there is no other option. At Northwest Dentistry, tooth extractions are only considered, if we have exhausted all other options. If a tooth can be salvaged by using a dental crown, dental bridge, or any other solution, then a tooth extraction is not necessary. However if the tooth is severely damaged, only then can extraction be considered. Walk-in dental appointments are also welcome. 





Last Updated On 2021-10-26