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The idea of full mouth restoration is a relatively simple and straightforward concept that involves a variety of treatments, procedures, tools, and equipment. Full mouth restoration essentially entails a complete and comprehensive treatment that is designed to restore, rebuild, and reconstruct teeth that have gone missing due to decay or infection, and teeth that have been damaged or chipped as a result of trauma or injury. Both general and specialized dentists like periodontists, orthodontists, and endodontists are able to perform treatments associated with full mouth restoration. Here at Northwest Dentistry our dentist in PEI, Dr. Karen McLean and her team, are pleased to provide the various treatments and services that are involved with full mouth restoration. Among these include: dental bridges, dental crowns, porcelain veneers and dental implants to name a few. 

If you have been unable to adequately care for your dental and oral health on your own, then it would be an informed decision to visit a local dentist. PEI residents that are suffering from discoloured, damaged, missing, and worn out teeth can visit our dental practice at Northwest Dentistry; conveniently located at 21 John Yeo Dr., Charlottetown, PEI near the Kent Building Supplies, where Dr. Karen McLean and her team can determine a suitable dental restoration treatment for you and your unique needs. The process for full mouth restoration is one that involves an initial examination by your dentist. In this case our dentist in PEI, Dr. Karen McLean will examine and evaluate the physical condition of your teeth, the visual appearance of your teeth, the health of your gums, and the strength or durability of your temporomandibular joints. Upon the completion of this examination, Dr. McLean will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to resolve all your oral and dental issues, which includes recommending a dental specialist for more complex treatments. If you are interested in the services we can provide regarding full mouth restoration, come down to Northwest Dentistry where walk-in dental appointments are very much welcome. 


Last Updated On 2020-09-19