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If you are searching for a more permanent solution to fill in the gap that has been left by a missing tooth, as a result of decay or injury, we can offer you dental implant restoration services as an alternative to dentures or dental bridges. Dental implants are often made with titanium metal materials and are designed to be an artificial version of a root on which a replacement tooth is to be placed on. These implants are surgically placed inside your gums by a local oral surgeon and anchored to your jaw to ensure that it remains in place when inside your mouth. The primary benefit of these dental implants are its stability and sturdiness, which contrasts with removable dentures that often shift inside your mouth.

At Northwest Dentistry we are pleased to provide you with the option of restoring dental implants as a way to complete your smile. Implant restoration is a comprehensive procedure that involves an initial examination, where your teeth, mouth, jaw, and face are scanned using an x-ray to determine if dental implants are a suitable solution for you. If you are approved for dental implants, an oral surgeon will then surgically place the titanium posts or implants onto your jawbone, just beneath the gums. Over time the area will heal and the implants will bond with your gum tissue. Following the healing period, we can attach the replacement artificial tooth or crown on the implant. Upon the completion of the procedure, you are left with a complete smile, free of gaps or missing teeth. 

If implant dentistry is a procedure that you would like to consider, please call for a consultation. 







Last Updated On 2021-10-26