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A migraine can be defined as a recurring series of headaches that range in severity, from mild pain to more severe pain. Migraines are also characterized by a nauseating feeling that can cause you to vomit, sensitivity to certain lights or sounds, and an incessant pulsing or throbbing feeling in your head. It is a condition that can last for as little as a few hours or for as long as a couple of days, and can be caused or triggered by a plethora of reasons. These reasons include stress, anxiety, lack of sleep or fatigue, and medical issues. Evidence and medical research has shown that migraines and toothaches have a correlation, and as such a visit to your local dentist could be one step to alleviating the headaches and migraines you are currently experiencing. If you believe that your headache or migraine is the result of a toothache or a dental issue, then visit Northwest Dentistry where we warmly accept walk-in dental appointments. Our friendly staff and our dentist in PEI, Dr. Karen McLean is here to help alleviate the pain caused by a migraine or headache. 

Dental and oral conditions that are the most probable cause to the migraines you are experiencing include temporomandibular joint disorders or TMD, bruxism or the grinding of your teeth, and toothaches from cavities or gum diseases like gingivitis. If any of the causes that are listed above relates to what you are currently experiencing, then head over to Northwest Dentistry where our dentist in PEI, Dr. Karen McLean can develop a solution and an action plan to assist you in overcoming your migraines. For TMD or issues related to your jaw and mouth, a conventional solution is to massage the affected area and to avoid constant or excessive chewing. For teeth grinding, our dentist in PEI can provide a specially designed mouthguard, and for toothaches our dentist in PEI will recommend developing adequate oral hygiene habits. Contact us today at Northwest Dentistry to learn more. 




Last Updated On 2020-09-19