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Do you often find it difficult to speak or chew with your mouth? How about when you simply open or move your mouth? Is there pain associated with the movement of your mouth and jaw region? If the answer to the questions above are yes, then you may be suffering from issues associated with your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This is a joint that bridges and connects the temporal bones that are located in your skull to your mouth and jaw region. Complications or issues that are associated with your temporomandibular joints are often referred to as temporomandibular joint disorders, otherwise known as TMD. At Northwest Dentistry our dentist in PEI, Dr. Karen McLean is pleased to offer TMJ or TMD therapy services to you. As a family dentistry, we pride ourselves in delivering quality care and ensuring that your dental or oral needs are appropriately met.

Apart from the pain you experience in your mouth and face region, other symptoms include:

  • Stiffness in your neck and shoulders
  • Incessant ringing in your ears or mild hearing loss
  • Teeth grinding and clenching while asleep
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Frequent headaches 
  • Pain above your eyes and your temples

Even though the root cause of temporomandibular joint disorders are not precisely known, a few reasons can begin to explain as to what triggers TMJ or TMD. These reasons include a severe injury to the head or face, pressure on the joints due to grinding, arthritis, and stress that causes you to tighten the muscles in your face and jaw. If you are suffering from the incessant pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorders, then visit Northwest Dentistry, where we are open to walk-in dental appointments


Last Updated On 2021-10-26